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“Integrating Innovation into Execution” Every design has a problem and DMES helps you achieve the best solution.

Producing new ideas that are conceptually interesting and visually stunning, we work with some of the creative minds & design wizards apt in executing excellence & technology by making imaginary ideas come into reality. Our methodologies make sure we have the best solution for complex problems. We understand your needs and help you give life to your brands and company with the right mixture of design and technology helping you grow your business & making it stand out. With some of the brightest designers in our team , we're in a position to challenge old systems and revolutionize designing as we know it. We design with a strong belief that process and collaboration should be exciting and fun as the end result.

Design Media & Edutainment Solutions Pvt Ltd is a design solutions company providing dedicated services in Print, Product Design, 3D Prototyping & Printing, Advertising, Corporate films, Short films, Animation & Visual Effects. We are a team consisting of highly experienced artists and professionals with a passion for design, are analytical with a keen eye for detail, transforming mind blowing design blueprints to reality with utmost ease. We are obsessed with the nitty-gritties of the design world & are extremely passionate about what we do. At Design Media & Edutainment Solutions Pvt Ltd , we offer innovative ideas & solutions to our clients that are customized to suit their taste & would meet their requirements, benefit their customers and also contribute to significant business growth by acting as a powerful design catalyst.



We have personal meetings (Doesn't matter if it is on Skype, Vis-A-Vis or Telephonic) to understand your brand, company policies & vision and your requirements to come up with mind boggling solutions. We believe in interacting with our clients so as to personalize the experience & meet with their expectations. We strongly emphasize on building a long term acquaintance with our clients.


Our team is explained about the brand and its requirements after which brainstorming sessions are held to come up with creative, innovative and unique ideas as solutions for your design needs.


We believe in gaining in-depth knowledge of your product, brand market, the targeted audience's mindset and other factors so as to provide and develop design solutions accordingly to intensify your brand image.


With reference to the research & development data and brain storming sessions we create tailor-made design solutions to match your brand and company at par with international standards.


After the design is approved we assist in post production activities and looking over the implementation of designs whether it be ad- films, printing tech, VFX or animation services. We ensure that the execution takes place perfectly and smoothly without any glitches.


Branding & Identity

Branding is standing out from the crowd and for you to be a brand you should be different from the others. Every brand has a story and for your story to develop you have Design Media & Edutainment Solutions Pvt Ltd. We at DMES offer the best branding and identity solutions. We understand your requirements and demands and provide solutions accordingly.

It is of great importance to stand out in the crowd in today's highly competitive world. Branding using visual communication tools can go a long way to create a lasting impact on your end user. Today, design solutions isn't a luxury like it used to be only for major players & big companies. It is extremely relevant in today's times to have an efficient design solutions provider on board to look after your design needs


Visual Effects

Anything is possible with Visual Effects. If it can be imagined it can be put on the screen. You imagine and we at DMES put it on the screen just the way you wanted it to be or even in a better way. We offer world-class VFX designs from our highly experienced artists and professionals. We are with you right from concept, design to completion stage to understand what you really want. Visual Effects is all about making your films look real and DMES makes them look Authentic


2D/3D Animation

Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. DMES specialize in Animation Production both 2D and 3D. We work in such a way that your customers attention is instantly captured.Animation means to invoke life and not to imitate it and for you to create life for your film DMES is the best.


Ad Films

Good Advertising / Corporate videos / Documentry feature does not just circulate information or statistics, it convinces customers to buy products, the stories we create around the product / subject to reach out to the customers stays with them forever. DMES with its creative brains brings stunning ideas; content and shooting techniques do produce meaningful films. We promote your products / company / messages by leaving an impact on the customers. We provide solutions from ideation to script to screen.


Product Design

We provide services from ideation to sketch to development for all your Industrial product Design needs, with a prototyping laboratory at disposal we enable our customers to have a full-scale product visualization before entering the market.  We conduct research and analyze market trends and forecast trends using various tools and methodologies, post that we work on conceptualizing the 3 main parts of the product which are : The Form, The Function & The Feel.

A perfect blend of these three concepts leads us to a 3 Dimensional visualization of the product to ensure that your product is visualized in front of you way before it can reach the engineering phase. Once we are set on the conceptual phase we then transfer the designs to our highly skilled engineering department that comprises of Mechanical Engineers, Polymer Engineers, Electrical Engineers & numerous other subcontracted lists of vendors that are invited onto the project as per requirement. The product goes through vigorous engineering tests and trials using CAD CAM simulation techniques and then is transferred to a prototyping department that makes a physical working prototype of the product.

The engineering phase ends with drawings ready to be tooled - We provide full tooling support and ensure that no hurdles are encountered during the process.


Printing Tech

Print Content is the real content giving information about products and services. It should be captivating and eye - catching as it is a web alternative. Print is a medium used as a powerful, traditional communication tool , it thus should look real and attractive so as to increase customer appeal. We oversee the print production from the initial phase of reviewing client requirements to the final stages of production and distribution, giving utmost attention to detail. Moreover to ensure whatever design we produced are printed properly.